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Jewell Alumni Referral Program and Scholarship

Do you know someone who would thrive at Jewell? Our new Jewell Alumni Referral Program makes it easy for you to help deserving high school students while bringing the next generation of critical thinkers to your alma mater. When students you refer are enrolled, they will receive a $1,000, four-year renewable Jewell Alumni Referral Scholarship.


Who can participate?*

High school students admitted after Jan. 15, 2018, are eligible. They may be referred by a Jewell alumnus, member of Jewell's Board of Trustees or a current Jewell staff member. Referred students must be admitted by March 15 prior to the fall of their entry year and confirm their attendance by May 1 to be eligible.

  • *If a legacy student is referred, the Heritage Scholarship will be applied in place of the Jewell Alumni Referral Scholarship.
  • *More than one person may refer the same student, although the award will not increase.
  • *Due to NCAA compliance, student-athletes are not eligible for the referral scholarship; however, our generous athletic scholarships and other aid packages make a Jewell education affordable.


How does the Jewell Alumni Referral Program work?


Referral Scholarship steps







Jewell will notify the students you refer and provide them with details about the scholarship and our admission process. We encourage you to reach out to your referrals as well. Let them know about the transformative experience awaiting them at William Jewell, and encourage them to visit campus and complete an application.



For more information or questions about the Jewell Alumni Referral Program, contact admission@william.jewell.edu or 888-253-9355.


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