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Alumni Directories

Are you searching for a classmate you’ve lost touch with over the years? Have you recently moved and would like to see who from the Jewell alumni community is living in your new city? Or perhaps you are seeking a new professional opportunity and would like to tap the Jewell alumni network for opportunities. No matter the reason, there is an online alumni directory available to help put you in touch with the Jewell alumni network.


Below are a variety of Jewell alumni directories, all created for slightly different reasons and purposes. Peruse the list and choose the one that best fits your search criteria. And know that all personal information collected and stored within the alumni community is always secured through password protection. Your information is only made available to other Jewell alumni and members of the College, and you may alter your personal account settings to hide or show information as you wish. Happy searching!

Alumni Directory 
The online directory for all William Jewell College alumni provides easy-to-use search fields for you to locate friends and classmates. You can perform either a simple or advanced search using one or all of the search fields provided.

Career Networking Alumni Directory 
Using our career search fields, you can connect with alumni in your specific industry or profession.

Missing Jewells Alumni Directory

Over the years, Jewell has inevitably lost touch with alumni who have forgotten to update us when they have changed addresses. Individuals in this directory do not have a current mailing address on record. Perform a search and send e-invitations to your friends and classmates prompting them to reconnect with Jewell.

Wayward Cardinals Alumni Directory 
This directory displays alumni who do not have a current email address on record. The Office of Alumni Relations distributes current and breaking news via email. Perform a search and send e-invitations to your friends and classmates prompting them to reconnect with Jewell.

View/Edit Your Alumni Directory Listing 
View your directory listing and use the edit my profile feature to update your address or business information. This is an easy way to provide Jewell and fellow alumni, with current personal and professional information.