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350 Green Project

The William Jewell community is reducing our carbon footprint one person at a time. The maximum amount of carbon dioxide our planet can sustain is 350 parts per million. Right now, the planet is at 387. No single person can change this number, but together we can.

Beginning in the fall 2008 semester, the new Center for Justice and Sustainability and Jewell’s SIFE team (Students in Free Enterprise) have teamed up to challenge everyone throughout the Jewell community to commit to five actions to reduce their carbon footprint. So far, over 250 of us have made commitments and we have collectively reduced our carbon emissions by over 1 million pounds!

Some actions people have committed to are:
Give up bottled water
Wash laundry in cold water
Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
Weatherize doors and windows
Recycle paper, glass, and plastic
Use canvas shopping bags instead of paper or plastic

Will you join us in making our planet a more just and sustainable home? Email Tim Honse at honset@william.jewell.edu to find out what you can do.